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Town Of Bethel Receives Access Training Award

MONTPELIER – The Vermont Center for Independent Living announces that the town of Bethel is the New England ADA Center’s Field Based Training Day Awardee for Vermont for 2012.

This annual training opportunity will focus on Bethel’s recreation facility which includes the town pool, playground and tennis courts. These facilities were built in the 1970s and require many changes to come into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. New building standards for ADA compliance have recently been adopted, and as of March 15, 2012, pools and play areas are required to provide specific access elements such as pool lifts and play element transfer areas.

The New England ADA Center and VCIL are offering one field-based training day annually. The event’s purpose is to train participants on how to conduct an existing facilities review and identify design-based or operational solutions that would improve accessibility under the ADA. Facilities can be a town hall, library, school building, central pedestrian area, senior center, park, playground, health department, police station, playing field, pool, or recreation site.

Bethel Town Manager Delbert Cloud welcomes the opportunity to improve accessibility: “On behalf of the select board and the Bethel Recreation Committee, we express our appreciation for the award of this grant. We look forward to the excitement of the training event and the opportunity to provide for the betterment of our facility.”

ADA coordinators from other municipalities can also benefit from this training event, and are encouraged to attend Bethel’s training day. A date for the training has not yet been announced. Interested parties should contact VCIL to attend the event or for an application for next year’s award cycle.

The Vermont Center for Independent Living, a nonprofit organization directed and staffed by individuals with disabilities, works to promote the dignity, independence and civil rights of Vermonters with disabilities. Like other independent living centers across the country, VCIL is committed to cross-disability services, the promotion of active citizenship and working with others to create services that support self-determination and full participation in community life.