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Your Voices

The disability rights movement needs your stories!

By sharing your story, letter or comment you are adding your voice to our community.  People’s individual stories allow VCIL to put a face to the experience of living with a disability.  It’s important for the community to witness your excitement or sadness, understand the details of your struggle or success, and hear your opinion or perspective.

 VCIL may use your stories:

as tesitimony at the legislature
in workgroup meetings
in our published materials

The world needs to learn from your experiences, but it does not need to know your name.  You are welcome to remain anonymous when submitting your story.

 What story do you want to share?

You can write about how you were treated by an employer or doctor, or what it is like to live on disability benefits. You could share how you came to be a part of the disability rights movement, give a front-line report about a protest you went to, or give your opinion on an issue.

 Submit your own comments via our comment form or contact us by phone.

 Archived submissions regarding physician-assisted suicide: