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An Unlevel Playing Field with H.44

Lets stop testifying about all the drama, of death and personal experience with a dying loved one, lets talk about this bill H.44

This bill and other bills before the Vermont Legislature, do not guarantee a level playing field. My health insurance does not pay for assistive technology, eyeglasses and hearing aids I need to live independently.

This bill does not give any assurance, that hospice and palliative care, respite, personal attendant care, will be covered for me when I need it.

This bill does not provide for the development of criteria for reporting.

It does not provide funding to gather the data. It doesn’t not designate, an agency with the responsibility to report out the finding.

Is this to be left to OVHA? An agency that had yet to provide universal healthcare to Vermonters.

I hope you will consider these serious concerns, before you pass a flawed bill, remember this, to paraphrase Lincoln, No choice is the proper choice until people are well informed…

And I would say without quality universal healthcare, the people cannot be well informed…

For real choice how can we talk about death. When you have yet to hand me a well informed choice in healthcare.

By Dale Hackett