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Attendant’s Work Schedule

The two pieces, your needs and hiring your PA, will now feed into the work schedule you will develop for your employee. These are the three basic tools you need to get started. There are others to develop a real working basis for being a skilled employer but you have decided to jump in so you can begin with these.

Once again, the materials we have provided are designed to give a direction and basic ideas on ways to organize your thoughts around this task. This particular worksheet is divided into general categories: Personal Care, Household, Errands, Transportation, Animal Care, Child Care, Recreation and Miscellaneous. The details included may be more than you need or not quite enough for your particular situation. Barry’s sample work schedule and the blank “Work Schedule” with times are designed as a guide to get you started. The Self Training Modules contain additional and further in-depth approaches that may appeal to you more.

You need to decide what time of the day is best for each of these activities and convey this to your PA. There is so much involved in our assistance that the written list is essential. Even after your PA has it “down pat,” having the list available for a respite worker is extremely useful. You can also refer to it from time to time and you and your PA can revise it. Additionally, it is a document you will use again and again as you say goodbye to one and hello to another of your workers when their lives and yours change and grow. While there are those PA relationships that turn into lifetime arrangements, this is generally not the case. It is also sometimes preferable to have several attendants at the same time depending on your lifestyle, so this will be available to them all with modifications for their particular scheduled time with you.

Suggestions for Using the Sample Attendant’s Task List Worksheet

One way to organize your task list is by general areas of need. Having wrapped your mind around what you need, this list will help you further detail what needs to be done. Now you will put these into a worksheet format. This list is to make sure you haven’t forgotten something important. It is also a place to write in (or have someone help you do so) when you want them to be done. For example: in the “DRESSING” box you might write in 7 am daily. In the “SHOWERING” box you might write in 6:30 am, Mon Wed Fri. Now take your Needs Assessment and this Attendant’s Task Work Sheet and create your Work Schedule.