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Dear Personal Assistant Services (PAS) user,

VCIL has developed this “Quickstart” guide to hiring and supervising personal assistants (or attendants). It is part of a larger resource library and peer support program we call the Personal Assistant Services Toolkit that was put together with the help of several individuals who, like you, have chosen to manage their own attendant or personal assistance services. We hope it is useful to individuals who are just learning how to hire and manage their care and to others with more experience looking for tips.

This guide includes what many users of attendant services think are the three most essential elements in getting started: some lists and planning tools to help you better identify your needs, tips on how to advertise for workers, and ways to set up a schedule and work plan for your attendant that works for you and lets both of you know what to expect.

This booklet and the whole toolkit are still a “work in progress”. A quick evaluation is included with this document. We welcome your comments. Your suggestions will help us assist others who are also managing their personal assistants.

The terms personal attendant or personal care attendant are both referred to as PA in this document.