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More Facts and Tips About Attendant Care in Vermont

Where to advertise for attendants:

  • Put an ad in the newspaper. Area weekly papers in or near your town can be particularly useful.
  • College bulletin boards
  • HomeShare Vermont (in certain counties) can try to match you with someone
  • Bulletin boards (such as outside your local grocery store)
  • Call your local Home Health Agency

Your responsibilities as a PDAC-eligible employer:

  • Hire/fire attendants
  • Train
  • Supervise
  • Follow regulations
  • Complete timesheets
  • Live independently outside of a nursing home or residential care home

Appeals Process:

(If you do not agree with the decision for your eligibility or time allotted for your care, it is your right to ask for a review of your circumstances)

  • Call the Program Director, at the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, 802-241-2431.
  • An informational review of the facts in the dispute issue will be discussed on the telephone with in the hopes that a resolution can be reached informally.
  • If the issues cannot be resolved, the applicant/participant may request a Commissioner’s Review.
  • Remember, there is always an opportunity for you to express your opinion.
  • Help your assessor be sure your needs are fully and clearly documented. Many times the problem is not with the needs themselves but how they were stated.

How to report abuse neglect and exploitation:

(see also “Abuse Issues for People at Risk”)

  • Call PDAC’s Program Director at 802-241-2431
  • Talk with your annual assessor from the Home Health Agency
  • Write a letter to PDAC and explain any abuse issues in detail.
  • The PDAC person is a “mandated reporter” and must report any instances of abuse, neglect or exploitation that come to his attention.

Mandatory Criminal Background Check

  • If you are a participant in the Attendant Services Program, the state requires a criminal background check for any potential employee and they will do this as part of the employee hiring process. The ASP will send you forms that your attendant must fill out and submit for a required Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation background check. If the check reveals a conviction for abuse, exploitation or neglect, the state will not pay that employee.

Be sure to:

  • Screen and adequately interview people you may possibly hire.

Other Helpful Information:

  • An attendant may be paid for up to 30 days while the participant is in a hospital.
  • Pay stops during the time the participant is in a nursing home.
  • The program does not pay for respite care.
  • An attendant may be paid for up to 6 weeks if the participant leaves the state and comes with you to work.
  • You may have as many attendants as you need to help with your care; however, the ASP will only pay for the number of hours authorized.

For more information about the Attendant Service Program and Participant Directed Attendant Care options, contact the Program Director, at the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, 802-241-2431.