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Helen’s Voting Story

I have been voting for probably 22 years. The first time I was living in Littleton, NH, married, a mother and a home owner. I voted for the President, and Vice President, etc in the National elections and for town officials on town meeting day. In Littleton, the town meeting was held from 7-9 PM. I always voted at the polling place. I prefer to do that now. I have voted by absentee ballot, but only as a last resort. As long as I vote, that is all that matters. Why vote? In these days, I still consider it my responsibility to vote to “assist the democratic process” in choosing leaders and making town policy or law.

Now, in the past several national elections, I feel that the Will of The People hasn’t been followed because voting machines were tampered with, and efforts were made to discourage certain groups from voting, thus skewing the vote in a manner inconsistent with voters’ intent. Stolen elections seem to have become a reality. Even so, it is better that we all vote and consider candidates that are the best for the jobs. It is our right and responsibility to do that. If we do not get involved, then we allow theft of the elections to continue. Though they have gotten away with stealing the last 2 elections, we are more aware and hopefully a process will come to be that will prevent the ease with which the elections were stolen. First the reasons that happened must be uncovered then changed.

Helen Johnke, resident of Calais, Vermont