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Kim’s Voting Story

I vote because I am a woman and I know what my great grandmothers had to fight to give me and my daughter the opportunity to officially voice our opinions.

I vote at the polling place because I love the experience of seeing my neighbors, co-workers, family and friends flowing in and out of City Hall. I feel a part of the whole community. For me, voting is similar to going outside in the first snow of the season just to talk to neighbors and strangers about the weather.

I often celebrate in some small way after I vote. I often go to a pub or restaurant because I want to continue the experience of being out in the community.

I enjoy voting so much, I go to every election, no matter how small or what the climate.

The first voter I registered was 87 years old and voting for the first time because he wanted to exercise his right after a life long career with the CIA.