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Supporting Vermont Farm Families

Vermont AgrAbility is a collaborative partnership with the Vermont Center for Independent Living, University of Vermont Extension and Rural and Agricultural VocRehab working to support Vermont farmers with disabilities.

Vermont AgrAbility Program provides:

Information, education and assistance at no cost to farmers and farm workers with disabilities engaged in production agriculture and want to continue farming.  AgrAbility specialists conduct on-site home and agricultural worksite assessments and recommend ways to safely continue farming.  This may include how to restructure work tasks or operations, explore alternative ag enterprises, modify farm equipment and tools and acquire agriculture related assistive technology.

Connect farmers with newly acquired disabilities with others who have successfully accommodated their disability. They also make referrals to services available in agriculture, rehabilitation and the community.

Creates awareness about farming with a disability and provides training and education to rehabilitation and health care practitioners, ag professionals, emergency response organizations and other community agencies. The Secondary Injury Prevention campaign educates farmers about farming safely and provides information on preventing further injuries or disabling conditions.

For more information, contact the AgrAbility Program:
1-800-639-1522 (Voice/TTY)