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Meals on Wheels

Providing Hot Meals to Vermonters with Chronic Conditions or Disabilities

Meals on Wheels provides hot meals to Vermonters under age 60 with chronic conditions or disabilities. This program assures that people who are unable to prepare their own meals and have no one to help with meal preparation get at least one hot meal five days a week. Meals are provided on an emergency, short-term or long-term basis depending on need.

Emergency Meals Program provides up to 60 meals for short-term crisis intervention. For example, a person released from the hospital after surgery may need temporary help with meals.

Short-term Meals Program provides up to 60 meals per year to help address temporary or episodic needs. For example, a person recuperating from an injury, completing rehabilitation, or who has a psychiatric disability or multiple sclerosis, may need occasional assistance with meals.

Long-term Meals Program provides up to five meals per week for a year for people with ongoing needs. This program helps people with significant disabilities who cannot prepare their own meals. Those with access to assistive technology or personal assistance or other supports to help with meal preparation are not eligible.

For more information, contact the Meals on Wheels Program:
1-800-639-1522 (Voice/TTY)