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Youth Transition

VCIL is happy to unveil our Youth Transition program. The program will include a four-part series on youths with disabilities transitioning from high school. Check out the first part of our series and comment in the comment section to continue the dialogue.

Youth Transition will also provide youth group support and an opportunity to work one-on-one with someone who has been there.

Trainings for 2016-2017

    • Prepare and Prosper offers a space for participants to practice some of the skills employers seek in job candidates. In this interactive workshop, participants learn what the skills are and participate in fun activities to strengthen them. Participants think through their dream jobs, practice answering interview questions and participate in role play.
    • In Confidence Building, we explore personally who we are, why confidence is vital and how to gain confidence. Participants also explore the role social media plays in confidence in connection to employment.
    • In Communicating with Others, participants explore the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive communication. Utilizing role-play scenarios, this workshop provides a space for participants to practice being assertive and speaking up for their needs — a skill not only helpful in employment but in all aspects of independent living.

Youth Training Team

Tom Hamilton
Nate Besio
Jake Lavigne
Rose Martellaro


This page is a closed, private group for young people with disabilities (age 26 and under).  If you are working with someone who could benefit from being connected to the group, please refer them to the above link.

For more information, contact Tom Hamilton:
1-800-639-1522 (Voice/TTY) or